Mr. Rooster’s Transport, LLC was established in 2004 and is owned and operated by Greg and Renee Robertson.  Although it may appear we are a relatively young company, years of experience in transporting vehicles gives us an edge in this industry few can deny.  We invite you to read-on as we share how we got started and hope to give you a sense of who we are.

One could argue that Greg began hauling cars at the age of nine. Okay, so technically he was not driving, but with his Dad transporting cars for a local auto-auction, learning to load and un-load the truck was a necessary part of growing up.

Greg’s dad, James, had been driving a truck for most of his adult life.  Switching to transporting cars and trucks made for some long days as he learned how to fit the vehicles onto his double-decker trailer.  Long hours turned the learning process into a family-affair as Dad, Mom and both sons spent countless hours figuring out how to put the puzzle pieces together.  Who knew that all of those hours watching, helping and going along for the ride would make such a life-long impact!  

In a few years, Greg’s brother J.L. graduated school and joined the Navy

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Seabees where he would further develop his passion for driving as he became a heavy-equipment operator. Upon returning from the Navy, J.L. also went to work for the auction.

This leaves Greg.  Working a variety of jobs throughout high school and college, and never really expressing much interest in truck-driving, everyone was quite surprised when Greg announced he wanted to drive too. Shortly after turning 21, Greg obtained his CDL and began driving a 6-car hauler for the auction.  Running mostly local routes, Greg worked hard to learn his craft and was thrilled when his dad was offered a newer truck, leaving “The Pete” for Greg to drive. James had driven “The Pete” for 11 years, nearly the entire time Greg was growing up. This truck a carried a tremendous amount of sentimental value to Greg and he was thrilled to be behind the wheel.

In January 1999, just a few months after moving into the newer truck, James was attempting to load several in-operable vehicles and was crushed by one of the cars. After several days in intensive care, broken ribs and other injuries, James was forced to retire.

Not long after, the auction began making changes and many drivers began to look toward the future. Greg’s brother J.L. decided to buy a truck and go out on his own. Greg, too, decided to leave the auction, but with a different plan.

A long-time family friend and fellow car-hauler, Max Dingman, had started a transport company with is wife, Sharon, in the fall of 1997. Silverado Transport, Inc. now had three trucks and was prospering. Greg went to work for Silverado in December of 1999 transporting personal-owned vehicles from the West Coast to the Midwest. This new opportunity turned out to be a great fit, providing experience and confidence in this niche of the market. After 4 ˝ years with Silverado, Greg purchased his truck and established Mr. Rooster’s Transport. We continue to have a great relationship with Silverado Transport, Inc.  Although we run similar routes, we often refer customers back and forth.

Today, Mr. Rooster’s Transport is based out of Strafford, Missouri.  Greg not only drives, but maintains his truck and makes most of the major business decisions.  Renee runs the office, dispatches, maintains the books and handles most customer service issues.  As our business grows, we look forward to serving you in the best way we know how-- with integrity and pride. We look forward to working with you to meet your auto-shipping needs.

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